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Serving Multiple Listing Service, Association of REALTORS, Brokers and Product Vendors



Our industry is always undergoing change, creating both risks and opportunities for MLS, AOR and Broker organizations. By bringing an in-depth industry understanding and working closely with your team, we create SMART goals with actionable strategy. Consolidation, alternatives to merger, such as collaboration, and working with product vendors are all important experience needed to build good strategy. Stable yet evolving, short term tied to long term, are key aspects of vision and strategy that are incorporated into the service offering.

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MLS Systems

20 years of experience with system conversions, regionalization and regional data shares, MLS system integrations, as well as integration with AOR and ancillary products, are behind this service offering. Whether it’s creating a higher-level strategic plan or working daily with product vendors and development teams, we provide realistic expectations and communication to support your organization through both difficult and exciting times.

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Vendor Selection, Negotiation, Contracts and Management

If you’re simply bringing on a new ancillary product like a CMA package or looking for a broader overhaul that may include your MLS system, it is important to have a good understanding of where you are and clear expectations for the road ahead.  Starting with your strategic vision, we evaluate your needs against a holistic backdrop of your current product suite, organizational goals, and your member pain-points and requirements.  Change is never easy and it’s important that clear realistic expectations are set and that it is easy to explain to your members what that change will look like, how long it will take and why it is necessary.  With your goals and expectations as a foundation, we leverage our experience with all major vendors, start-ups, and dozens of others to select the right vendor under the right terms for your organization.  We take you through the full release, prepare your team to have the tools they need for ongoing management, and available to assist with any needs down the road.

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IT Infrastructure and Business Continuity

Keeping business systems healthy is one of the most commonly neglected aspects of technology today.  Cost and time rather than neglect from the technology team are often the cause of extended down time or poor performing systems.  The service base offerings and having a good team to manage them is a key to managing cost overruns and the even more costly downtime.  Another aspect to ensuring your systems remain available is by way of regular design, configuration, and security audits.  We can also help with building your technology team.


Data Integration and Collaboration

Throughout the country MLS and AOR organizations are realizing the benefits of collaboration.  Integrating data cross MLS organizations and creating collaborative central data stores to drive the shared benefits of a border data set and increased vendor negotiating power are a proven and viable alternative to merger.   With data integration experience going back over 25 years, we bring the benefit of having worked with traditional product vendors such as Black Knight, CoreLogic and FBS, and the background of having built MLS data collaboration mechanisms and designs that are now part of the NAR mandated RESO Standards.


Additional Services

Standards and Industry Engagement
Public Speaking and Communications
Committees and Governance
Product Ownership / Management
Innovation and Design
Solution / Software Development
Training / Support Operations
Accounting Systems


Additional Services

Systems Integration
Business Development
Contracts and Negotiation
Budgeting and Finance
Team Building and Collaboration
Process and Procedure
Rules Compliance Systems & Procedures
General Information Technology Services

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